Global Digital Technologies


GDT is a system design house, established in 1994 in the picturesque city of Prevenza. Since 1999, the company has focused on design services for communication and embedded network systems. In 2001 a branch hosting the digital communications systems design center was established in Athens, Greece. Within the Athens offices you can find experienced management and engineering teams.


GDT is focused on multimedia communications systems and microelectronics. The portfolio encompasses high technology products ranging from Silicon Intellectual Property cores to complete chip and system level solutions. The company's role can be a design contractor, a turn-key solution provider or even a small volume OEM – always adapting to your needs..


The value-added for GDT’s customers comes from the unique combination of strict quality standards, competitive pricing, experience in international collaborations and from commitment to technical excellence. The rapid system prototyping and extensive customer support ensure you that we belong in your key partner list in advanced networked multimedia system solutions. Products and services are available globally and have been successfully delivered in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.


Our Milestones:

2007 : New Design Center at HTCI
2006 : IP offering H.264EBH Encoder IP
2005 : Founding Member of HSIA
2003 : First IC design - ECIAD
2002 : Linux porting competence
2001 : Digital communications systems design center at Athens
1999 : GDT launches first business activities

MEMSENSE project

GDT announces  the successful completion of the MEMSENSE RTD project Memsense site 

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